Quote for February 7, 2013


Theodor Adorno

by Aleandro Gonzalez de Leon

I found the following quotation from the German sociologist, philosopher, and musicologist Theodor Adorno at BrainyQuote.com and thought I might share it.  I am often dubious of using a quote from a website, because I have seen a few that are obviously wrongly attributed, but whether or not Adorno actually said this, it is still interesting in its own right.  However, if he did say it, which is quite likely, it becomes even more interesting because of his background as a sociologist and philosopher.

“Horror is beyond the reach of psychology.”

I admit I am not familiar with Adorno or his works, but in light of the pyschological bent of my previous posts,  I am sure you will understand why I find it interesting.   Please let me know your thoughts on the quotation, on Adorno, and on whether this is actually one of his statements.


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