Lovecraft Country

Lovecraft CountryIllustration by Miihkali, 2009

Lovecraft Country
Illustration by Miihkali, 2009

I love maps and found an interesting one at Wikimedia tonight.  The above is an illustration of “Lovecraft Country” as drawn by Miihkali (from Finland) in 2009.   It is in the public domain. 

The description that accompanies the map (the bottom paragraph is in Finnish) reads:

English: So called ‘Lovecraft country’ of Cthulhu Mythos, showing some of the most important cities of Massachusetts alongside with towns invented by Lovecraft. Imaginary towns are marked with square, real ones with circle.

Suomi: Cthulhu-mytologian “Lovecraft-maa”; joitain merkittäviä Massachusettsin kaupunkeja yhdessä Lovecraftin keksimien kanssa. Kuvitteelliset paikat on merkitty neliöllä, oikeat pallolla.
Thoughts?  Comments?

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