St. Patrick’s Day Fun

Bram Stoker1847-1912

Bram Stoker

Joseph Thomas Sheridan Le Fanu1814-1873

Joseph Thomas Sheridan Le Fanu

For St. Patrick’s Day, I thought I would bring up just a couple of tidbits.

First of all, the first two Irish horror authors who spring to mind are Joseph Thomas Sheridan Le Fanu (born at 45 Lower Dominick Street, Dublin, according to Wikipedia) and Bram Stoker (born in Clontarf, north of Dublim (also according to Wikipedia).   Follow the links to my articles on each.

Second, I did a quick search for “Irish horror humor” on Google and found reviews for Grabbers.  I haven’t seen the movie yet myself, but it looks like fun.  I will definitely check it out at my first opportunity and I recommend that you do too.

Third, never drink and blog.  If you have ever seen the movie Sideways starring Paul Giamatti and Thomas Haden Church, you know the dangers of drinking and dialing.  The dangers of drinking and blogging are similar, but on an international scale.   🙂


One thought on “St. Patrick’s Day Fun

  1. Did not really think about Le Fanu but ‘Stories of Lough Guir’ should have rang a bell for me. About drunk blogging, thinking about ‘Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas’ with H.S.Thompson aka Raoul Duke blogging modern ways makes me chuckle and nauseous at the same time.


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