Movie Review: The Collection




For a long time I have thought it would be fun to do movie reviews.   With this post I will start doing them occasionally for this blog.   My rating system is quite simple:  is the movie worth (a) the full price of admission, (b) the price of a matinee, (c) wait until it comes out on DVD, (d) wait until it comes out on Netflix or some other free venue, or (d) don’t bother.

The Collection has been out for a while and I saw it on Netflix, but this would have been worth the price of full admission on a Saturday night on its release weekend.

This is a tense, edge-of-your-seat, full-throttle horror adventure almost from the opening credits.   While the plot is your basic protagonists-venture-into-the-evil-guy’s-lair-and-fight-their-way-out, this has a lot of tense action and some unexpected twists that make it worthwhile.    There is some gore, but proportionately, it is not as much as in the recent remake of Evil Dead, though there are quite a few bodies that have been turned into gross insect-like creatures by “the collector” that might cause those without strong stomachs to leave the room for a few minutes.   The ending has a nice, little twist that gives the viewer a nice sense of closure to the whole event.

If you are deeply into serious horror as literature or films and sit around with your friends discussing trends in horror literature since the time of Horace Walpole, don’t see this expected to find unbroken ground or new motifs or anything of a high-brow nature.  See this for the pure adrenalin rush that enthralls and takes you beyond the veil of this humdrum reality for a couple of eye-popping hours.

Thoughts?  Comments?


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