TXTLIT Contest at Flash Fiction World

The blogger on Padre Island, January, 2011.

The blogger on Padre Island, January, 2011.

I was looking for a place to submit a flash fiction story today, when I ran across an interesting contest I thought I would share with you just because it would be a true challenge of one’s writing skills.  “Flash Fiction World” has several contests, one of which (on the right side of the page to which the link leads) is to text a story to them of 160 characters or less.  Here are the details:

Wordcount:up to 160 characters
Mobile phone entry
Prize: At least £50
Closing date: Monthly

I feel confident that the editors will not mind if I encourage any many of you as possible to partake of the challenge.

Near the bottom of the page, they also provide some interesting comments on writing flash fiction for those who are used to writing other literary forms:

Experienced writers

If you have been writing short stories or novels then switching to  flash fiction for a change can be a steep but rewarding learning curve.  Make no mistake, flash fiction is unique in style and technique. An FF  story is not a mini novella or any other traditional style of  literature.

At the same time, your skills in dialogue, character,  exposition etc. will stand you in good stead. Knowing how to set mood,  pace and other elements needed to sell a story to the reader will, of  course. give you a head start.

If you are suffering from the  dreaded writer’s block, then attempting a 300 word story based around a  single idea can be just the thing to unblock your creative flow.  Sometimes the enormity of starting a novel or even a short story of  traditional size can bring you to a halt. A small FF piece focussed on  the look someone gave you at the busstop, a flat tyre on the motorway,  or the letter to someone you don’t know that you found in the street,  may well seem far more doable.

Thoughts?  Comments?


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