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Death Calls the Tune

For a change of pace I thought that for tonight’s blog, I would simply post a few digital images I created from photos using Photoshop a few

Dancing through Hell

Dancing through Hell

years back  One is called “Death Calls the Tune”.  I made it from a photo I took of a fiddler at a Renaissance fair.   The second is called “Dancing Through Hell” and I took the photo on which it is based at the same fair.  If I ever get the time again, I may make some more.

The last is more suspense than horror, though I can imagine it could be the setting for something horrible going on inside the bar.  It is derived from a photo I took of a bar in Tokyo in 1995.  The woman is a silhouette of a statue into which I inserted a public doman photo of a woman’s face, reversed it, and then did some more Photoshop magic.

I am selling these on a few products you can find in the Little Shop of Horror, but I don’t mind if you use these downloaded from this site so long as I get credit for the original image, and, if you would be so kind, please tell me where you use it.   I just like to see what uses people put my works to and how they are received.

Comments?  Thoughts?

Show Pub Brave

Show Pub Brave


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