More from Open Culture: Twelve Writing Tips from Ray Bradbury

Ray Bradbury  by Lou Romano

Ray Bradbury
by Lou Romano

Ray Bradbury Gives 12 Pieces of Writing Advice to Young Authors (2001)

In earlier posts I mentioned that if one is to learn the art of writing, one must study the masters–regardless of genre.  Writing well is writing well whether in mainstream literature, horror, romance, mystery, or whatever.  After the basics of writing are mastered, then one can tailor stories to the accepted practices and traditions of his/her chosen genre.  That is why I have been posting these articles with advice from horror and non-horror writers.  Most of what they say is as applicable to horror as it is to mainstream literature or any other genre.

Tonight’s post is from Ray Bradbury.  If you have not read The Martian Chronicles, run out and buy a copy or download one before you finish reading this article.  You will find that it contains some of the most beautiful, poignant writing that you will ever encounter.  I wish I could develop the skill that Bradbury shows and apply it to anything I write, whether it be a horror novel or a shopping list.   Although this article will not help you do that, it will show you some of the important lessons that Mr. Bradbury learned in the school of literary hard knocks.  The focus of the Open Culture article is a fifty-four minute video.  The author of the article, Colin Marshall, summarizes the video into twelve points immediately below the video.  I recommend watching the entire video before reading the twelve points, because you may or may not agree with Mr. Marshall’s summary.



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