Bloody Good Writing Volume 1

Good article on a few of the basics. Check it out.

Horror Novel Reviews

                          3 Things (Possibly) Wrong With Your First Page

By Tom Leveen


You only get one chance to make a first impression, right? Nowhere is that more accurate than the first page of your novel, whether you are submitting it to literary agents, traditional editors, or uploading it yourself across all e-platforms.

How does your first page stack up? Cross-reference it against this checklist and find out!

1. Shoulda started with chapter 2.
Just before submitting my first novel, Party, to editors, my agent made one last editorial suggestion: Move chapter 7 to chapter 1. Ridiculous! Absurd! I very nearly refused.

Then I gave it a shot, just to satisfy my own curiosity. And wouldn’t you know…it made the entire novel sing like never before. We sold it a couple weeks later to Random House. I am 100%…

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