Publication Announcement: My Short Story “Ivan” will appear in “Infernal Ink”

The blogger hiking in the Bisti Wilderness near Farmington, NM.

The blogger hiking in the Bisti Wilderness near Farmington, NM.

I just signed and returned the contract for my short horror story “Ivan” to appear in the April, 2016 edition of “Infernal Ink”.   “Ivan” is about a young serial killer in the making.   I would like to thank the “Infernal Ink” staff for publishing my work.  This is the first time I have had a new work published in over a year or more.

The idea for “Ivan” came to me while returning from Navajo Lake through an isolated stretch of road in a large canyon at sunset.  It was a very spooky setting and I thought about what would happen if a family became stranded in country like that and, while looking for help, wandered onto the estate of a serial killer.  The upshot of that story was that the serial killer trapped them in his basement only to discover he was trapped in his own basement with a family of werewolves.  I submitted it to several publications, but was consistently turned down.  One staff critqued the manuscript by saying that it was such a common story line, they were taking bets on whether the family would turn out to be werewolves or vampires at the end.   I took my cue from that and gave my work an honest review and decided that they were right.  So I changed the ending to one I thought would be completely unexpected, sent out the new manuscript to a publisher to which I had not previously submitted any work, and the story has been accepted.

Please note that the story will appear in 2016 vs. 2015.   It will be worth the wait.

Again, many heartfelt thanks to the “Infernal Ink” staff, Hydra M. Star and Dave Lipscomb, for publishing my work.

Thoughts?  Comments?


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