Live Action Reviews! by Crystal Connor : Inhuman Resources

Here’s a neat, interesting review done with panache and originality.

At four o’clock in the afternoon on Oct 17th, 2015, Crystal Connor, climbed into her sleeping bag on the couch with a large plate of nachos and picked up her remote. For the next hour and a half her poor little dog and neighbors were subjected to screaming, crying, and expletive outburst…

This is the unedited journal chronicling the harrowing experience her neighbors were forced to endure as she watched, Daniel Krige’s 2012 Inhuman Resources


Reader discretion is Advised

Entry 1: How did he get in?

Entry 2: He doesn’t look dead to me

Entry 3: No you won’t

Entry 4: And that’s exactly what he’s doing to!

Entry 5: Please don’t try anything stupid

Entry 6: What did I just say to you?!

Entry 7: What a twist! Love it!

Entry 8: Your supposed to uphold the law but you sent…

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What Your Writing Habits Say About You: Take the Quiz!!!!

This is a fun little quiz. I scored 23.

Dysfunctional Literacy

(image via Wikimedia) (image via Wikimedia)

Writing habits can explain a lot about your personality.  Take the quiz below, keep track of the points as you go, and see what kind of writer (and human being) you really are!

A. When a commenter on your blog tells you that you suck, what do you do?

  1. Feel bad that the commenter didn’t like your writing.
  2. Feel proud that somebody cared enough to tell you that you sucked.
  3. You enjoy comments, but they don’t have any effect on you.
  4. Get mad and leave a “You suck!” comment on the commenter’s blog.


B. When you get writer’s block, what do you do?

  1. Stare at the screen until you fall asleep.
  2. Write “I don’t know what to write” until you think of what to write
  3. Shrug your shoulders and go do something unrelated to writing.
  4. Throw a loud, profane fit.


C. When your spouse/significant other tells…

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Quick Thought: On the Value of Conversation…

I love James’s beautifully poetic voice in this article as well as the wonderfully artistic points he makes, but from a writer’s viewpoint see what happens when you substitute the word “dialog” for “conversation”. You’ll need to change a few other minor words as well (like “participated in” to “wrote”), but then the article becomes even more enlightening and is, I believe, just as true.

James Radcliffe

This post is an experiment.  It is a ‘Micro-Blog’ –  just a quick thought offered up for your rumination.  I have a bunch of these kicking around.  Let me know what you think of it in the comments section – if the response is good I may start posting more of them.


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Horror Addicts Guide to Bad Lip Reading

Here’s a bit of humor for the day.

Bad Lip Reading…have you seen these?

I was shocked recently when I was at a table of horror addicts and found out none of them had heard of these hilarious videos. We, of course, pulled out the phone and watched them immediately. I am especially fond of the “Carl Poppa” bit in this first Walking Dead one. Although, the dolphin part is pretty funny too.

If you haven’t got enough of Carl Poppa, the whole video can be seen in this next one.

dur dur dur dee dur…

If you’re more into Twilight (or making fun of it) there are several to watch. My favorite is this one, which spoofs Eclipse.

However, you can’t miss dad breaking up the two boys in the vid below, “Teen-Wolf, Lestat. Just chill.”

You can watch several other Walking Dead and Twilight vids at the Bad Lip Reading YouTube page.

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