Interesting Contemporary Story: “My Dead Girlfriend…”

Photo by Phil Slattery, circa 1995

Photo by Phil Slattery, circa 1995

I was surfing the Internet today, looking for a bit of modern horror to post on my blog, when I came across an article from Halloween, 2014, at The Guardian entitled “The internet’s spookiest tales: what’s your modern horror story?”  It discusses Reddit’s NoSleep, which the author describes as “the site’s home for original horror fiction”.  The first example they give of a spooky story at NoSleep is “My dead girlfriend keeps messaging me on Facebook” by natesw.

The story is worth a read, though it is what I would describe as low-intensity horror.  What I find most fascinating about the story though is its use of interaction.  It contains links to take you to copies of the conversation or of photos that are tagged by the author’s dead girlfriend.  This is high-tech to an old fart like me, who still reads hardcopy editions of Poe’s works.  To the millennial generation, this type of writing is probably beyond simple “second nature” and into the realm of intuitive.

I recommend checking out this story along with the others mentioned in the article and any others you can find at NoSleep.  As for me, I think I will re-visit my Reddit account and see what opportunities await.

Thoughts?  Comments?


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