James Patterson, Patron Saint of Literature

This is a fascinating read for a few reasons. How can he read the classic works he does, yet remain to the quality of work he produces? Though his writing is generally considered crappy, his business skills as a (I can’t really call him a writer) producer of fiction must be phenomenal. Although he apparently takes no great interest in the art of wording his novels, I have to wonder how he generates his plots. There are a lot of interesting aspects to this article. Take the time to read it.


Mental Floss’ November issue focuses on all things books. Camille Dodero profiles bestselling author James Patterson, he of the thrillers and love stories and multiple series and picture books. Patterson loves writing (longhand, every day!), and he loves reading. He’s using his millions to make sure people around the world have the chance to read and write, too:

In 2013, he took out a full-page ad in The New York Times Book Review and Publishers Weekly advocating for government intervention to help save America’s books, bookstores, and libraries. He also established a grant program for school libraries. Two months in, the fund had 28,000 requests. “Twenty-eight thousand just saying, ‘Please help us: We haven’t been able to buy books in seven years, we don’t have a librarian, the shelves are literally falling apart, how can we put books in here?” In 2015, Patterson raised his school contribution to $1.75 million.


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