She Loves Me (short film)

It’s worth a look.


slm1She Loves Me is a 2015 American short-film, directed by Andrew Michalski and starring Matthew Bannister and Maria Nicole Held. Now doing the rounds on the festival circuit, the film won best short horror film at the Buffalo Dreams Fantastic Film Festival.

On a summer’s eve, young sweethearts, Ben and Kat, settle upon a daisy-strewn locale, full of young love, foolish notions and, no doubt, a selection of savoury snacks. Ben is full of bashful good intentions and clumsy small-talk, whilst Kat is equally daffy, as I suspect you must be to partake of Scotch eggs and wine alfresco at midnight. When Ben professes his feelings via the age-old method of plucking one of the profligate daisies and yanking off the petals one-by-one to the refrain of, “she loves me, she loves me not…”, all goes westwards when he takes exception to her insolence, prompting a slightly disproportionate machete attack…

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