Obituary of Edgar Allan Poe

From the Richmond Semi-Weekly Examiner, vol. II, no. 98, October 12, 1849: EDGAR ALLAN POE died in Baltimore on Sunday last. His was one of the very few original minds that this country has produced. In the history of literature, he will hold a certain position and a high place. By the public of the… a href=’’Read More/a span class=’link’»/span

Source: Obituary of Edgar Allan Poe


2 thoughts on “Obituary of Edgar Allan Poe

  1. I had never read Poe’s obit. Fascinating. I noticed that “he printed a small volume of poems, his first brochure. They were favorably received by the reviewers, and well spoken of by their few readers. But they did not sell—”. So Poe self-pubbed his early poems. Now that surprised me.


    • Yes, it is quite a fascinating look into Poe’s life. I had heard before that he had self-published his first volume of poems, which I believe was entitled “Tamerlane and Other Poems”. I would love to find a first edition of that in an attic or in somebody’s yard sale.


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