The Farmington Writers Circle Meets April 14 at Hastings

Caricature of Emile Zola by Leandre, circa 1900

Caricature of Emile Zola
by Leandre, circa 1900

The next meeting of the Farmington Writers Circle will be on April 14, 2016, at 7:00 p.m. in the Hardback Café at the Hastings on 20th Street in Farmington, New Mexico.  The topics for the night will be writers’ conferences and blogging on a regular basis.  Participants are encouraged to bring information on writers conferences to share with the other participants in an open discussion.  The meeting is open to the general public.

The Farmington Writers Circle is a nascent organization of authors and writers, who are interested in publishing and marketing their works.

Please contact Phil Slattery via this website with any questions or comments.

Coming soon: Clockwork Wonderland Writer’s Call

Another opportunity awaits! Announces:

Clockwork Wonderland
A Horror Anthology

This is an Alice in Wonderland, clockwork, Horror anthology. We will be announcing the submission details soon, but this is to give you an idea of what we’ll be looking for.

aliceFollowing the rabbit down the hole is the easy part. Battling time is what will kill you. Whether you’re trying to get back home or struggling to survive in Wonderland, your stories MUST be horrifying.

“You act as if time is on your side. He isn’t. He’s always on his own side.”

alice2At the most basic, your story must have a clock involved. Clockpunk, clock engineering, and steampunk with clock elements is encouraged as well at the thought of time as an entity. Be creative, turn Wonderland on its ear. Twist it, tweak it, punk it.

Your story may star or co-star any of the characters in the original text by…

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Hauntings at Ockram Hall

The Dead Smile   by Francis Marion Crawford  (1899) Tuesday’s Tale of Terror   March 15, 2015   Let’s go to Ireland for the month of March as we near St. Patrick’s Day. Come to this Irish cas…

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SUBMISSIONS: The Sirens Call – Issue #26 ‘Dreamscapes of the Wicked’

Here’s a chance for publication.

The Sirens Song

Sirens Call Publications is opening up the 26th Issue of The Sirens Call to anyone who would like to submit in light of the low number of qualifying submissions received to date. We’re also extending the deadline to April 15th to give anyone wishing to write for this issue, the time to do so. 


We are looking for submissions of stories, flash fiction, and poetry that feature Dreamscapes of the Wicked. What does this mean? It means your story must adhere to the following:

  • The main protagonist must be an individual who through malicious or harmful intent engages in wrong-doings, or deliberately causes harm to come to others. This individual must be wicked to the core with no valiant change of heart at the end. We want characters committed to their evil ways, and will accept no ‘hapless victims’ for this call.
  • The antagonist must reside in, be drawn from…

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Sixth Sense Submissions, or Publishing Blind

by Lynette Benton When three essays I submitted for publication over the past year were rejected, I sought to console myself with a new idea. Maybe David Sedaris or Zadie Smith had submitted work t…

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