HorrorAddicts.net 124, Once Upon a Scream


HA tagHorror Addicts Episode# 127

Horror Hostess: Emerian Rich

Intro Music by: Valentine Wolfe


j. malcolm stewart, phantom of the opera, peter scartabello

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141 days till halloween

phantom of the opera, blood, michael crawford, sarah brightman, robert england, summer, baycon recap, dan shaurette, j. malcolm stewart, sumiko saulson, laurel anne hill, once upon a scream, favor pack, gothic and fantasy adult coloring book, horroraddicts.net panel, publishers and editors, submissions call: clockwork wonderland, horror news, american horror story, outcast, preacher gone to texas, amittyville horror house for sale, david’s haunted library, david watson, book, shadow people and cursed objects, emerian rich, hauntsjaunts, wicked garden, mark slade, gavin chappell, roses, author family in books, mad house, dark regions horror, a demon with a combover, hell, once upon a scream interviews, chantal boudreau, alison mcbain, lisa vasquez, serial scribbler, author tips, blood of socorro…

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