LMG’s Internet Buffet – “Rewards For All!”

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mmf!Rewards For All!

Hello, friends! I’m raising funds this month to pay for the website hosting of Little Monster Girl, and also to be able to go to my very first comic con! This year, I’m making even BETTER (and shorter!) videos for you to enjoy!

A really nice guy named Matt Norton from his blog, Full Metal Narcissist donated for a picture of Zela with … a surprise anime character! Who is it? Watch the video to find out!

The finished art is on 21cm x 29.5 cm heavy, Bristol board paper and I mailed it out yesterday! Lucky you, Matt!
If you want some art of your own it’s not too late! US$10 or more gets you an original drawing of Zela plus a video of me drawing it! What a nice present! Grandma would love it!!

Just head over to LMGcomic.com and click the orange PayPal “DONATE”…

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