Tools to Writing Great Dialogue, Robert McKee’s “Dialogue” Book Review

Paula Cappa

Dialogue, The Art of Verbal Action for the Page, Stage, and Screen

by Robert McKee  

Book Review and Commentary  July 26, 2017


The art of dialogue. How does a writer get it just right to be effective, yet original, dramatic but not too dramatic, captivating and satisfying, and most important of all convincing? Nothing marks a writer faster as a rank amateur than a story full of bad dialogue. Robert McKee is probably the No. 1 expert on the craft of storytelling (Story, Substance, Structure, Style and the Principles of Screenwriting, 1997, and even though Story is written for screenwriters, those of us who are novelists will benefit greatly from this comprehensive manual of wisdom. No one has a better understanding of story process and design than McKee.)


In Dialogue, yes, there’s plenty of instruction and guidance about how to write great dialogue (also examples of bad…

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