New Poetry by Marieta Maglas: “Screaming Mannequins” (first of three poems)

Eyes huddled in fear,
that paralyzing fear in front of
the bullets mercilessly sprayed,
deeply sprayed by some cruelty,
which is fed up
with a lot of victims,
those defenseless victims of hate,
a dreadful hate,
which is fed up with a little love
as well as
a little pleasure can be fed up
with a lot of pain,
that extreme pain,
which embellishes the madness,
one round and seemingly
nonexistent madness being like
a strange cold having
many moisturized rosy-red,
rosy-red ring-shaped patches
associated with
a giant Quincke swelling
and with a boisterous cooling
noisy breath,
that snorting breath
like a groaning song,
a love song for a dance of death,
that painful death for all the hot puppets,
beautiful puppets becoming
cold wax mannequins,
those mannequins screaming
in their red rain
of feelings,
those red feelings coloring
a few sad moments,
cool moments of many winter fires
those burning fires
in the lost caves of shadows.

Ardus Publications, Sybaritic Press, Prolific Press, and some others published the poems of Marieta Maglas in anthologies like Tanka Journal,

Marieta Maglas

Marieta Maglas

edited by Glenn Lyvers, The Aquillrelle Wall of Poetry, edited by Yossi Faybish, A Divine Madness: An Anthology of Modern Love Poetry, edited by John Patrick Boutilier, Near Kin:A Collection of Words and Art Inspired by Octavia Estelle Butler, edited by Marie Lecrivain, Three Line Poetry #25, edited by Glenn Lyvers, ENCHANTED – Love Poems and Abstract Art, edited by Gabrielle de la Fair, and Intercontinental Anthology of Poetry on Universal Peace and Love, edited by Madan Gandhi.


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