KIDNAPPED WEEK: Nightscape Press


by: Simon Kurt Unsworth 

So I offered to do this blog about me and my writing, because I figured it’d be easy (because I’m optimistic) and because all writing is ultimately about ourselves anyway (so I’m told) and it’s about my favourite subject (according to my detractors). And then the deadline is upon me and the Mac’s screen is showing me a lovely white page and I have no idea what to write.

Literally no idea.

I’ve incentivised myself – no pizza or beer until after I’ve finished – which should get my creative juices flowing, but while we wait for that to start I’d better tell you the boring stuff. I’ve been a published author for just under 10 years, have three collections of short stories under my belt (Lost Places, Quiet Houses and Strange Gateways) so far with a fourth (Diseases of the Teeth)…

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