#Marketing a book

I have been in deep contemplation today about how a novice like me can best sell my works in this age of social media. I have come up with a rough idea for a complex strategy based upon the theory that you don’t sell the book.  You sell the characters in the book. This is akin to the old salesman’s adage that you don’t sell the steak, you sell the sizzle.  

I have been sitting on my sofa the last few hours trying to develop a plan to market my books. I was contemplating that successful books are character-driven, when I glanced at my nearby DVD collection and realized that most are named for a main character, e.g. Hannibal, King Rat (an old movie), MacBeth, Blade Runner, etc. or they have such (a) powerful main character(s) that people remember the characters first and the movie title is almost an afterthought: V for Vendetta, Breaking Bad, Silence of the Lambs, Angel Heart, and so forth. Therefore, to sell my books I must sell the characters in them.  This may seem patently obvious to the old, successful hands at writing, but to me this basic truth seemed to hit exceptionally hard today. 

So, without going into the details and risking ridicule should my plan fail dismally, I will attempt to simply make my characters as real as possible to my readers in my new PR campaign and make them so vivid as to almost be alive. 

Of course, suspense will hopefully keep bringing readers back, which is another reason for not divulging the plan. 

By the way, I did spend some time reading up on hashtag strategies today, which explains the hashtag in the title. I’m testing out a hashtag tactic. 


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