Meet #Quinn

I’m Quinn. I am the protagonist in two of Phil Slattery’s short stories: “The Scent” and “The Slightest of Indiscretions”.  Both are in Phil’s collection “The Scent and Other Stories” (available for about 3 lousy bucks from Amazon in hard copy or via Kindle). But both have been previously published at, so you cheap bastards out there can score them free on line.  The collection’s worth reading whether you have to fork over a few bucks or risk spending time in the crossbar hotel for petty theft. 

Anyway, back to me. 

What you see in the stories is just a sketch of me in two minor events in my life, but isn’t that all you can get out of any literary work given the actual depth and breadth of the soul?  Any person is a thousand times more complex than how any book can portray any character. 

So Phil’s going to introduce me and a few others a bit at a time through various social media. I and the others will have our own accounts throughout the Internet and you’ll have to puzzle out who is a character in one of Phil’s works and who is not as he experiments with his grand strategy.  However, the characters will always be introduced and discussed on this blog so you can always come here and find out what’s what to some degree as we grow and are fleshed out.  

This leads me to another point. Since what is important is how a character develops in the reader’s mind, Phil wants to hear your inputs on how you visualize and imagine the characters. Your inputs will also be used to flesh out their details. So this will be something of an interactive experience for us all. Send us your thoughts, musings, your sketches, drawings, paintings, photos of how we and our surroundings appear to you.  Let’s make this as three dimensional as possible. For starters, read the stories and send in some sketches of how you visualize the events. You won’t be paid, but so long as they’re reasonably close to a PG or R rating, they’ll be posted here. Put your more or less abstract thoughts in the comments where everyone can see them. 

By the way, one character from an upcoming horror novel is out there already trying to tear up the web with his political ranting. He’s from Corpus Christi, but that’s all I’ll say for now. 



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