Update 4 April

I need to use WordPress more for quick posts than Twitter, because WordPress can feed to six other social media automatically, whereas it’s much more of a chore with Twitter to post to other media.  Twitter is more fun though and more of a challenge to get a complete idea across in 140 characters.  You can be much more impulsive with Twitter.  

I can’t say for certain, but I believe I (i.e. My fictional character @jthurston666) am getting more followers on Twitter, because I noted in his profile that he is fictional. However, I did follow a few hundred more just before announcing that Jack is fictional, but several of Jack’s new followers are not being followed by me. 

Right now, Jack is living in Piste, Mexico, but I will have him move soon to the Farmington, NM, area, where I live.  I can update his daily activities in more detail and be truer to life than I can if he lives in a town where I have never been.  My ostensible reasons for bringing him here are threefold: 1) Jack spent time here as a boy, 2) he has family in the area, and 3) he can try conjuring spirits from the local Anasazi ruins, which are scattered throughout the area (not including the local national parks). 

In Jacob’s Ladder, I originally had Jacob’s wife be Italian, but I changed her to Navajo for several reasons.  First, they live between Santa Fe and Los Alamos, so it makes more sense for her to be a local.  Accordingly, I made Darren (his first name) half-Navajo. I am not fully decided whether he’ll be half-Apache or half-Jewish or what. Second, although I halve been to Italy for a few days total, I have spent nearly six years in the Farmington area, therefore I am much more familiar on a personal level with the Navajo culture,  third, I want to break the stereotype of native Americans as being impoverished, not highly educated,  and limiting themselves to living on the reservation. 

That’s all for tonight.  Check out my earlier posts today at @philslattery201.  


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