(Video) Empresa China logró clonar con éxito un gato — El Ciudadano

El Ciudadano Una empresa de Pekín anunció que logró clonar un gato por primera vez en China, un avance científico que podría llevar a clonar otros animales, como los pandas. Hace 21 años, la ciencia logró uno de los hitos más importantes: la clonación. El conejillo de indias fue la oveja Dolly, el primer mamífero…

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Update: September 8, 2019 Odds and Ends

Selfie with Lotus in background near Arkansas Post, September 4, 2019

Yesterday. I continued to unpack. I finally got a small TV working. I can now watch DVD’s in addition to YouTube (DVD’s won’t play on my laptop). I have no TV service as such and really don’t want it. I prefer watching things I find on the Internet such as YouTube, Netflix, Iheartradio, Hulu, etc. I have a bigger TV, that I would like to use for those, but I haven’t been able to find its stand. I am searching through every box. I have some audiobooks that I listen to as I drive. However, I found out when I lived in Chaco Canyon, that it’s very enjoyable to put on an audiobook, turn off the lights, light a few candles and some incense, sit in an easy-chair, chill, and focus on the narrator’s voice. I haven’t done it here yet, but I probably will soon.

Last night, I took a break and went up to Ameca’s in DeWitt. I had the Fajitas Gabriel (pictured). It was terrific.

My allergies started to attack me then and they haven’t relented yet.  I have been battling them all day. I have also been continuing to unpack and watching the X-Files on DVD.

Fajitas Gabriel

Fajitas Gabriel at Ameca Mexican Restaurant
In addition to the usual beef, chicken, and pork, it also has bay scallops, crab (probably imitation), shrimp, and tilapia. The tilapia and skewered shrimp sit on half a grilled onion. In the background are beans, Spanish rice, and lettuce with guacamole.

I haven’t written anything into my manuscript this weekend, but I have come up with an idea for a twist at the end. I am not certain if I will go with it. I am looking for an ending that will be a complete shock. I know there’s a good one out there in the literary ether. I just have to find it.

Haunted by A Gentle Survivor [Review] — BookerTalk

A Whole Life by Robert Seethaler It would be hard to find a book on my shelves with a less exciting title than A Whole Life by Robert Seethaler. The synopsis didn’t sound promising either. Which is why this novella remained on those shelves unread for two years. But all assumptions this would be a…

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To Register A Copyright or Not — Short Story Scribe

It has been said that you own the intellectual property to something you write the moment it appears in print. I’m not sure if that is true or not, and I’m not sure if that would hold up in court. Our blogs are copyrighted material, make sure it says that somewhere on your blog. […]

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Update: GoFundMe account for Murray Arviso

Photo of Murray Arviso

Murray Arviso, 2019

Today, I received a link via email about a former (as of August) co-worker of mine named Murray Arviso. Murray is in the Maintenance Division at Chaco Culture National Historic Park, where he has worked for around twenty years. Murray is in a bad health situation and will not be able to walk for a while. His family needs financial help to build a ramp for his wheelchair. Ironically, under normal circumstances, Murray is quite capable of building a ramp. Now that he needs one himself, he is not physically capable of doing it. A ramp is inexpensive compared to a lot of medical needs, so anything you can give will go a long way.

If you would like to help out, follow this link to Murray Arviso’s GoFundMe page, which explains the situation. This condition started a few months ago and has been worsening. Donating even a little bit will help.  Here is the note that came with the link:


I thought you might be interested in supporting this GoFundMe, https://www.gofundme.com/f/expenses-for-home-ramp-amp-home-medical-supplies?utm_source=customer&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=p_cp+share-sheet.

Even a small donation could help Colleen Arviso reach their fundraising goal. And if you can’t make a donation, it would be great if you could share the fundraiser to help spread the word.

Thanks for taking a look!

If you can’t help out financially, at least spread this word to as many people as you can.
Murray with granddaughter?

Murray Arviso