Possible New Cover for Sorcerer

I’m thinking of changing the cover of my short story collection Sorcerer. What do you think of this? Does it grab the eye? Does it make you curious to pick it up and find out more? How do the fonts look? Are they boring or cliche? Does their placement draw you across the text? Would this be better for Kindle, print, or both? Does it capture the spirit of the book? Drop a comment and let me know.

Michael Madsen’s Quarantine Reservoir Dogs (Video) — DRUNK IN A GRAVEYARD

Friends of the graveyard and longtime listeners of the podcast will be familiar with our deep love of Michael Madsen. He’s a genre actor, a jovial mess, a poet, and one heck of a bangable babe, and in 2017 he was even the winner of our highly prestigious Whole Hog – Hogfather of the year […]

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Verity by Colleen Hoover Review — Reading in the Wildwood

If you are hunting a great psychological thriller, Verity is the book for you. I kept seeing it all over the bookish internet so I finally read it. It is completely worth the hype! When bestselling author Verity Crawford is injured in a tragic car accident her publisher hires struggling writer, Lowen Ashleigh, to finish […]

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Shout-Out to Writers of All Genres

Phil Slattery portrait

Phil Slattery
March, 2015

I  want to give a shout-out to all the writers (worldwide) out there for helping relieve stress and bolster the human spirit. These are particularly difficult times for everyone given the spread of the Coronavirus and its increasingly severe effects on the economy and on in life in general along with the bizarre and depressing political news that increases with each day, no matter which side of the aisle you sit on.

As I read more and watch more TV (particularly YouTube) with the increasing isolation and closure of so many restaurants and other public gathering spots, I come to realize how important a role writers play in our daily lives. Writers enable readers (as well as themselves) to escape into a more pleasant world, depending upon the genre of course. In all cases writers at least offer distractions in which the public can become immersed for a time and take its mind off the daily anxieties and fears around us. This is important, because taking our minds off our worries enables us to relax, however briefly, and allows us to heal psychologically and emotionally, both of which have healing effects on our bodies. These days, this nation and all others need healing in every sense I can imagine.

Stay strong. Better days are ahead.

Redemittel Für Den Beschwerdebrief — Deutsch Lernen Online

Redemittel für den Beschwerdebrief Beschwerdebrief b2 Redemittel 1. Einleitung: Ich schreibe Ihnen wegen folgenden Problems: Ich möchte Sie auf folgendes Problem/ folgenden Missstand aufmerksam machen: Als ich Ihre Anzeige las, war ich sofort begeistert, deshalb habe ich mich angemeldet. Bezüglich unseres Telefonats vom… Vor zwei Wochen habe ich bei Ihnen… bestellt. Wir sind seit langer…

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