Sensual vs. Sensuous

Here is a superb explanation from of the distinction between two words I still confuse (no matter how many times I watch the supermarket scene from Animal House).   Knowing the history of the two words helps.   I stumbled across this article  today while double-checking its usage for a story I am writing. After reading this it occurred to … Continue reading Sensual vs. Sensuous – Seven Spooky Words

Here are a few more words for your horror vocabulary:  "Seven Spooky Words for Halloween"  at - Free Online English Dictionary. I apologize for the glitch, but apparently you cannot get to the Seven Spooky Words without having to flip through the Monsters of Literature and Folklore slide show.   Both slide shows are enjoyable … Continue reading – Seven Spooky Words

“The Most Common Mistakes in English Usage”

Unfortunately, I have been so busy lately that I have not had very much time to write or to post anything new of any substance.   However, to polish my writing skills I have been perusing The Most Common Mistakes in English Usage by Thomas Berry during some of my few free moments.  Although the book is … Continue reading “The Most Common Mistakes in English Usage”

Whose skill with grammar do you admire most?

Most writers think of modeling their style after that of a famous writer.   A large part of any writer's style is his use of grammar.   For example,  Hemingway's lean, muscular, sparse, style is well-known.  His use of punctuation (which I am including under grammar) is also spare, using and where most writers would use commas in … Continue reading Whose skill with grammar do you admire most?