Word of the Day: Shambolic

I received a word of the day (I forget the source, maybe Dictionary.com) just now that’s kind of interesting: shambolic. As you see in the snippet, it means very disorganized, messy, or confused. The example given is rather mundane. Personally, for an example, I would have twisted this into some type of hyperbole: I am a master of shambolism, which is not quite true, but it sounds good.

The sound of this word just appeals to me somehow. It has a certain ring or je ne sais quois to it.

A Change of Pace: Rick Grime vs. Walter White, an Epic Rap Battle of History

If you haven’t seen the Epic Rap Battles of History Channel on YouTube, you are missing out on one of YouTube’s most enjoyable channels.  Here are two of today’s most famous fictional characters in a duel to the musical death.