Characters (an experiment)

IMG_2917This page and its subpages are experiments in the marketing and publicity of my works.

I am endeavoring to publicize my works by, as much as possible, treating major characters as real people, with which the reading public can interact.  To that purpose, I am setting up social media accounts for each as I develop the stories around them.

On this page, you will find links to a webpage for each of my major characters as I develop them.

This idea was stimulated by the observation of how the public receives popular fictional characters.  A popular character such as Indiana Jones or Tony Soprano or Captain America has, with time, his own mythology develop around him as his fan base grows. Therefore, why not treat the character as much as possible as a real person from his creation? Why not enable the public to ask questions of him as they would of me, his creator?  This will not only round out the character in the public’s eye, but will also help me develop him by receiving questions from the public that will give me a new perspective on his and will alert me to little unanswered details that will help flesh him out.  From the start, setting up a social media profile forces me to think about simple things like his birthplace, birthday, interests, photos of the character and his family (which either I can produce or find in the public domain), and other things that a real person takes for granted.

As most, if not all, social media have a blank for a webpage, I am now developing a webpage for each major character starting with Daryn Jacob, the protagonist in my upcoming sci-fi novel Shadows and Stars. By treating Daryn as an actual person, I hope to intrigue the reader with his ongoing character development, releasing a detail at a time, so that when the novel is finally published, the public will be ready to scoop it up.