Daryn Jacob

Daryn Tsela Jacob
in his later years.

Daryn Jacob can be found on Twitter (@darynjacob124) and Instagram (darynjacob124). He will soon have a Facebook page, and other social media accounts. His e-mail account is darynjacob124@gmail.com.  I am endeavoring to keep the name for each social media account identical, so that it will be easy to find him on any account.  The 124 in his handle, by the way, is a well-known proportion known as the Golden Ratio. It’s an inside joke that Daryn would understand.

Daryn’s full name is Daryn Tsela Jacob. He is Navajo, but was born in Albuquerque. His middle name is Navajo for “stars lying down”. Like many Navajo, he has an English first and last names. His first name is spelled “Daryn”, because his father wasn’t certain how to spell Darren, when the hospital asked for a name for his birth certificate.

Daryn is a naturally gifted astrophysicist living near Los Alamos with his wife Jessica, who is also Navajo. Daryn has developed a teleporter and is about to travel across space to another planet, where he has been communicating with an alien astrophysicist, Mikash Dragul, who has also been working on teleportation. Daryn has sworn Mikash to secrecy about the project, because he fears that any government that knows about it will seize it and use it for nefarious purposes.  Daryn does not know that Mikash is financially strapped and has already betrayed the teleporter to his government in return for a well-paying position in the government science labs.

Any photos of Daryn and his family you see are photos either from the public domain or that I have created using my own friends and family.

I am trying to coordinate all the details of Daryn’s life, so that everything ties together and creates a fully developed, complex character.

His photo may change soon.