The Farmington Writers Circle Meet and Greet Has a Venue!

cropped-inside-og2-2-aTonight, Roberta Summers, a founding member of the Farmington Writers Circle, arranged to have our writers networking event (which we currently refer to by the working title of “the Meet and Greet”) at the Artifacts Gallery, 302 East Main, Farmington, during the city’s Art Walk on June 9 between 5pm-9pm.

Details on the event are still being worked out, but we plan on inviting as many authors and novelists from the Four Corners area to be there to meet their readers, participate in readings and book-signings and to network with any local publishers, critics, reviewers, and anyone else involved in the local writing industry.

Anyone who reads anything or is involved in reading, writing, or literature is invited to attend.  If you are a reader or writer of any genre (published or unpublished), an arts or literature critic, a reviewer, a publisher, a literary agent, someone who interviews writers or authors on radio or TV, if you promote reading, writing, or literacy in any way, manner, shape, or form, you do not need an invitation, you are invited to attend.

The names of the authors and novelists expected to attend will be announced as they respond to our invitations, but, if you are an author/novelist, you don’t need an invitation to attend.  Just show up, meet new readers, and pass out your business cards and other contact info.

The entire purpose of this event is for writers of all types to make contacts and to network.

Refreshments will be available along with a salsa-tasting.   At least some of our local members will have books to sell.

Check back for more details as we approach June 9.   Submit any questions you have via this website.  Don’t forget that you can find a link on the right-hand menu to sign up to follow our blog.

Farmington Writers Circle in Development

Writing at Hasting's Hardback Café in Farmington, NM, late evening of October 16, 2015 (self-portrait)

Writing at Hasting’s Hardback Café in Farmington, NM, late evening of October 16, 2015 (self-portrait)

I would like to establish a writers’ circle for the Farmington, New Mexico area, including San Juan County, and anyone from the Four Corners area.  I will he hosting a meeting on November 19 at 7:00 p.m. at the Farmington Hastings’ Hardback Cafe to establish how many people are interested.  Everyone is welcome to attend.  The mission of the Writers Circle will be to promote Farmington area writers of any genre and skill level, to advise each other on being published, and to establish useful contacts within the regional and national literary communities.   If anyone in the Farmington/Four Corners has an interest, please contact me via this website by commenting below.

Thoughts?  Comments?

Is someone not telling me something?

131019_0002 (1)Over the last few days I have noticed this sign in front of a sporting goods store in Farmington, New Mexico.  This is the same town where I saw the Zombie response vehicle several months ago (if you didn’t see the post, I have included one of the photos below).   My question is:  does everyone else know something I don’t?  🙂

Here’s the car I saw several months ago a mile or two from where the sign is located.  It seems Farmington is getting ready for something.  Maybe Farmington is expecting to be the zombie capitol of New Mexico. 130218_0002